Joana Schliemann is the founder of Schliemann Residency Provence. Her work in the arts for over 25 years in Munich, New York, Los Angeles, and London comprises publishing, film, co-producing and marketing of cultural television, including ITV’s Southbank Show. The author of 'Verrückt nach Troja' (Crazy for Troy), a children’s biography of Heinrich Schliemann, Joana is currently developing a portfolio of film and TV projects, as well as producing XR experiences with Shezad Dawood Studios.
Coline has a master’s degree in art history and worked in the arts in Paris before moving to the South of France. Based in Arles since 2015, she initially worked in the public relations department of LUMA ARLES, before setting out as a free-lancer specialising in cultural events management. Coline is working with SAR since 2022.