The six-week SAR, which also includes a visit and presentation at the Annecy Festival, will give the chosen director the opportunity to develop further the submitted 'Eco-Ani-Short' proposal. With support of weekly coaching sessions, the director will work on the content of their project like artistic scope, narrative, graphic research, storyboard, script, animation development and the 'synthetic image'.

Coaching will take place either online, or possibly in person with local animation industry mentors, SAR Jury members, or occasionally with relevant institutions of the region. Together with the Resident, the SAR team will arrange a coaching and activities schedule at the beginning of the residency.

SAR allows the required time and space to substantially advance the submitted project and present it thereafter as an industry standard animation film pitch at CinéSAR and at the Annecy Festival. The idea is to introduce the project to producers, finance partner/s as well as other creative talent to widen the Residents network and to steer closer towards production.

SAR includes accommodation at 'La Chapelle', a 'per diem' for 42 days, travel expenses, a local rental car, a bicycle, an activities budget, accommodation at Annecy as well as CinéSAR, the celebratory screening evening and presentation of the SAR project. In its entirety SAR represents a value of about €10k.

Any technical equipment such as PCs and/or LT should be the property of, and supplied by, the Resident. However, a basic printer as well as a plug-in large PC screen is provided.